Business news

Video Instructional Information for Private Forest Owners

The Ministry of Environment prepares periodic video instructional information clips for private forest owners every 2 months, which touch upon the most relevant topics:
•    Forest regrowth
•    Thinning and scheduled logging
•    Forest wood harvesting
•    Forest planting
•    Sapling growth
•    Forest fires, preventing them
•    Keeping the forest tidy
•    Non-clearcut logging
•    Sprout care
•    Forest and guest issues

An Invitation from MITA to Protect Your Intellectual Property

The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology is inviting companies and educational institutions to submit proposals to get funding for projects to protect their intellectual property rights. In addition to the usual support for international protection for inventions and designs, patent applications in the European Patent Office will be funded.

Start Your Own Business with a Business Assistant

The Business Assistant: Promoting Entrepreneurship through Technology Parks and Valley Competencies project started at the beginning of 2014, in which the Nemunas Valley Association is a partner. It is a measure initiated by the Ministry of Economy’s Assistant-4 to promote entrepreneurship under the Economic Development Priority 2 Increasing Business Productivity and Improving the Business Environment. The project will run until October 2015.

“How to Become a Leader? Topo Group Experience”

Leadership: tread first, impact others with your deeds, not only your words. (R. Dilts)
On April 3 Aleksandras Stulginskis University’s Economics and Management Faculty students had the opportunity to participate in the “How to Become a Leader? Topo Group Experience” lecture given by UAB Topo Grupė Chairman Aurelijus Rusteika.
The acquired knowledge intertwined with many years of experience in business leadership, imparted by this creator of a socially responsible corporate network ensured the lecture was fascinating to most of the participants.